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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  ~Victor Frankl

I’ve always been drawn to this quote. When faced with hard times and uncertainty, I think it’s human nature to look around us and think: “If I could just change this [job, relationship, assignment … you fill in the blank] things would be better and I’d be happy.” There’s a real lure to focus on the external circumstances of our lives when we’re feeling off kilter. And, truth be told, sometimes, changing those circumstances offers real relief. But, there’s bound to be another challenging situation to face and then another and another. That’s where the meaning of Frankl’s quote lies for me. Eventually, in looking to change our external situation, we come to see that the change really starts with (and within) us – with shifts in our attitude, understanding, perspective and self-perception.

Almost a year ago – after four years and hundreds of posts – I stopped blogging here at legal sanity. It wasn’t a premeditated decision. It happened pretty organically in response to the increasing demands of business and life. Once I stopped blogging, I figured that I’d just devote the freed up time to addressing and alleviating some of these work-life demands. As you might guess, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Especially with the economic and market downturns, the demands I was experiencing remained just as demanding.

In the midst of all this, I realized that I missed posting at legal sanity and engaging with the community of bloggers I’d come to know and respect.

So, on a recent afternoon, I sat down at my computer, went to legal sanity and spent some time in the archives. I noted the topics that still held interest and excitement for me and ones that felt tired and weighty. I also asked myself some questions about the direction of my training and development business and the book project I’m involved in. Broadening my focus, I thought about all the new and seasoned lawyers who, like me, are trying to achieve in a particularly challenging profession in particularly challenging times. How could I best support them? What information would they find meaningful, relevant, practical and timely?

After some time, I came away with a new vision and road map for legal sanity. While it will have the same look and voice, the content will focus on mentoring and coaching lawyers to embrace change and get unstuck so you can work smart and live fully. Drawing from different fields and disciplines, I’ll present motivating and inspiring articles, interviews with experts and other material to help you build your knowledge, skills and confidence as a firm or solo practitioner.

All of the archived content will remain on site, as will the original content categories. I’ve added some new categories to organize the fresh posts. They are:

  • Business relationships
  • Career strategy
  • Managing + marketing yourself

As in the past, legal sanity continues to be part of a group of offerings. There will be a companion monthly e-newsletter and complementary training and development opportunities presented through legal sanity programs. Also, as always, you’re essential to what’s happening at legal sanity. This is an open forum and an ongoing dialogue. The blog comments are activated and you’re welcome to email me with any questions and ideas you have for the blog and newsletter.

I’m very happy about these changes and look forward to recreating legal sanity with you.

Arnie Herz

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