October 16, 2009

don’t give clients a reason to think that you’re a commodity

Through my daily reads, I tapped into an interesting conversation about the commoditization of design services. One point that stood out for me is how the traditional client-provider relationship gets flipped when the service and its offerer are seen as commodities. As one observer puts it: “Suddenly a client can define all aspects of a job from price to design, causing the designer’s... Read More

September 21, 2009

why it’s a great time to be a village lawyer

As we were driving from one weekend activity to the next in our small New York suburb, my middle child looked up from her cell phone and, in an iPod-induced-too-loud-voice, said, “I love this town. It’s pretty, friendly and makes me feel safe.” I think she gave voice to what many of us feel and experience in our personal and professional lives. When people engage lawyers... Read More

August 17, 2009

question for lawyers: what are you selling?

Yes, I know. A lot of lawyers recoil at the thought of being salespeople. We develop business. We network. But, we don’t sell our legal services. With the economy remaining tight and consumers becoming even more discerning, maybe the time has come to reconsider this hardline stance. Or, maybe it’s time to rephrase the question to make it a bit more palatable. How about: What... Read More

July 23, 2009

lawyers as tribal leaders: the anatomy of a movement

At this very moment (and now …. and now), thousands of lawyers are wondering where to go and what to do next. You’ve been laid off. You just graduated law school and can’t find a job. You’re an associate in a firm where morale is at rock bottom and you never see daylight. Finances, family obligations, pride and other real and imagined forces compel you to take some sort... Read More

July 11, 2009

where’s the “wow” in law firm legal service delivery?

I think that most people would answer this lead question with a rousing, “There is none!” Or, if prone to sarcasm, they’d say that the only “wow” is the overwhelm they experience every time they open their lawyer’s bill. And, really, this should come as no surprise. The legal profession has yet to produce the law firm equivalent of Zappos; Southwest Airlines (note:... Read More

June 29, 2009

the legal sanity mentor: jason mendelson

My introduction to Jason Mendelson came by way of a compelling how-to blog post he wrote titled: Quick Ways To Get Fired as a Lawyer. From the first read through, it’s clear that Jason knows what he’s talking about. As a self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer” and successful VC with his own company, Foundry Group. he’s gained insight into the best and worst of legal service... Read More

May 23, 2009

on the path to better client care, love the people who don’t love you

Chrysler has let me down big time. I know, you’re probably thinking, “take a number and get in line, it’s a long one.” The company’s financial woes are already old news. But, that’s not what this is about. This about the 2008 minivan that my kids practically live in. The subject of multiple recalls, it’s currently without A/C due to a defective hose. Chrysler knows... Read More

May 19, 2009

the legal sanity mentor: gerry riskin

In my last post, I noted that we’ve entered a new age of radical transparency in which businesses must be keenly aware of their consumer community (or, communities) and make it easy for community members to offer feedback and comments. For most law firms and lawyers, this requires a big shift towards understanding, valuing and heightening the client experience. I recently spent... Read More

May 11, 2009

law firms and lawyers: welcome to the age of radical transparency

I’ve been interested in psychologist Daniel Goleman’s work since reading his book on Emotional Intelligence years ago. Along with thinkers like: Dan Pink Hugh MacLeod  Kathy Sierra  Chris Brogan Tim Sanders Pam Slim Goleman has inspired me to look at the legal profession through a broader social-cultural lens. As a culture, we’re becoming more and more right-brained in orientation.... Read More

April 20, 2009

one lawyer. 1000 true fans

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I devote a good bit of this space to nurturing the conversation on the lawyer-client connection. I take a bit of an unconventional approach by tapping into similar dialogues going on in other industries and disciplines – like design, health care, business management, marketing, music and non-profit development. Really, anywhere... Read More

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