July 3, 2013

A Meaningful Independence Day

Seven years ago, I took a summer trip to Gettysburg and spent hours walking through the battleground and cemetery.  It was a profound experience connecting with the people and events that took place exactly 150 years ago today.  July 1-3, 1863 changed history in a way that shaped our nation and the world, and put us on a course that has shaped our own lives in a way that is significantly... Read More

April 8, 2013

Event Today! Rodino Ethics Lecture: Returning To Civility

Arnie Herz will be a panel speaker today at Returning to Civility at Seton Hall. The event is part of the Rodino Ethics Lecture Series. Arnie along with his esteemed colleagues will share their perspectives on sustaining and upholding the standards of excellence essential to the practice of law. Professor Paula Franzese will host and moderate the panel discussion. The registration... Read More

February 18, 2013

Presidents’ Day

I just finished reading Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.  Jon Meacham, the Pulitzer Prize author, does an extraordinary job of bringing Jefferson to life, his genius, idealism, practicality, enormous personal struggles and major shortcomings. Whatever one’s opinion of Jefferson, surely, without him, the United States as we know it today would not exist.   The same can... Read More

December 19, 2009

what a third grade holiday celebration can teach us about connecting with clients

The other day, I attended my son’s holiday celebration in his third-grade classroom. To capture the true spirit and meaning of the season, the kids took turns standing up in pairs and reading narratives about one another. These weren’t fill-in-the-blank recitations. They were insightful and moving reflections. With their teacher’s guidance, the kids had taken the time to... Read More

June 29, 2009

the legal sanity mentor: jason mendelson

My introduction to Jason Mendelson came by way of a compelling how-to blog post he wrote titled: Quick Ways To Get Fired as a Lawyer. From the first read through, it’s clear that Jason knows what he’s talking about. As a self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer” and successful VC with his own company, Foundry Group. he’s gained insight into the best and worst of legal service... Read More

June 16, 2009

adding creativity to the lawyer toolkit

Regular readers here know that I’m a big fan of author/right-brain-champion Daniel Pink and his take on our new Conceptual Economy that places a premium on creativity in business. Lawyers aren’t known for being a creative lot. This is evidenced by the enduring nature of the billable hour over alternative fee structures, among other business practices. Some will undoubtedly... Read More

June 3, 2009

lawyering lessons from oscar the grouch

When she was little, my eldest daughter loved to watch Sesame Street. Sitting on the floor surrounded by stuffed versions of her favorite characters, she’d sing and comment away, all the while patiently waiting for the day when her age miraculously was the number of the day (it only happened a couple of times). It’s hard to believe that the show turned 40 this year.... Read More

May 23, 2009

on the path to better client care, love the people who don’t love you

Chrysler has let me down big time. I know, you’re probably thinking, “take a number and get in line, it’s a long one.” The company’s financial woes are already old news. But, that’s not what this is about. This about the 2008 minivan that my kids practically live in. The subject of multiple recalls, it’s currently without A/C due to a defective hose. Chrysler knows... Read More

March 28, 2009

client centered care

Over the years, I’ve written several posts comparing the client service lawyers typically offer with the patient care doctors usually provide. One of the first discussed the humanism in medicine movement and a related medical school curriculum that encourages a more holistic approach to treatment – body, mind and spirit. It doesn’t take much experience in the law (maybe just... Read More

March 6, 2009

a new school for practicing and aspiring solos

    I’ve been following coach/consultant Susan Cartier Liebel online since she launched her terrific blog, Build A Solo Practice, LLC. Susan’s been immersed in a new venture of late – a Web-based educational community and networking forum for lawyers and law students called Solo Practice University (SPU). I’m very happy to announce that I have joined SPU’s faculty... Read More

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