January 21, 2013

MLK, Obama and the Possibility of Change

Regardless of one’s politics, it is quite extraordinary that President Obama will be inaugurated for his second term on the very same day we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday. Back in 1962 when I was born, the possibility of a non-white male becoming President of the United States, let alone for two terms, was as fanciful and ridiculous a notion as having a man... Read More

May 28, 2012


In my last blog post, Client Goals 4: How to Choose a Meaningful Goal, I spoke of my recent trip to Washington, DC and the various memorials that attest to the grand vision and immense sacrifice of so many to secure the blessings of liberty that most people in this world do not get to experience.  On this Memorial Day 2012, I wish to highlight the timeless words of Abraham Lincoln... Read More

May 15, 2012


In Client Goals 1: How to Avoid Aimless Drifting, I spoke of the need for having a clear goal in all your legal endeavors. In this blog post, I will focus on the need for having a clear and meaningful goal that is worthy of your time and energy – that supports your life/business. Too often clients and their lawyers lose sight of the big picture and end up wasting a tremendous... Read More

March 19, 2012

Client Goals 3: What You Need Your Lawyer To Tell You

In 2005, I attended a conference for lawyers in Amelia Island, Florida.  The location was spectacular but there were mosquitoes galore.  The glorious brochures beckoning me to come to this paradise location never mentioned these bugs, or how much they would enjoy my blood.  (I thought, is this how our clients feel about us lawyers?  I’ll come back to this question in a future... Read More

March 12, 2012

Client Goals 2: Be Realistic or Get Clobbered

In my last blog post, we were drifting in a sailboat aimlessly a few feet from the shore and realized that this is not how we should approach our legal matters. I posed a series of questions to help clients begin to identify their optimal goals. In this post, we will look at phase 2 of the goal setting process — realism. When I serve as a mediator, it strikes me how two parties... Read More

March 5, 2012

Client Goals 1: How to Avoid Aimless Drifting

A few years ago, my client took me sailing. I am a novice and relied on his expertise, which for some reason was sorely lacking that day. There were a number of technical difficulties to start; after an hour, we finally left the shore. We did not get very far before we ended up drifting here and there without any clear destination in mind. I thought to myself, is this what I drove... Read More

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