everything old is new again: the re-birth of the client-centric lawyer

For the last few years, I’ve devoted a lot of space here to the idea and practice of client-centricity. You can sample my take on the topic via posts like these:

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I based these posts on insights gained from business and marketing experts outside the legal profession. But, client-centricity isn’t unknown in the law. To the contrary, our profession is firmly rooted in this kind of intimate, human-to-human service. Arguably, like the mom and pop shops on main street, it was a norm until larger market forces emerged in the form of BigLaw and the billable hour.

Given our rich history, I prefer to look at client-centricity as a lost art that’s poised for rediscovery now that the legal profession is shifting under the weight (or, jolt) of the economic downturn. As we reclaim this part of our past – and adapt it to a new generation of clients – we can take some tips from articles on creating client-centric services, including a recent one from Business Week on The Art of the Soft Sell.

The article discusses the customer-centric, or consultative, sales process that’s based on “showing how your product or service can help solve a customer’s problem.” One of the quoted experts is my friend and colleague Adrian Miller, founder of Adrian Miller Sales Training. According to Adrian, “Consultative salespeople are problem solvers and conceptual thinkers and tend to look at the big picture.”

If you want to learn more about offering client-centric legal services as an adept problem solver, stay tuned for my interview with Adrian Miller in the next installment of the legal sanity mentor


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