December 11, 2012

Tribute to Steve Keeva

Steve Keeva was a pioneer in the transformative law movement. As the author of the ABA book, “Transforming Practices” and distinguished writer for the ABA Journal, Steve wrote extensively on how lawyers could avoid the cynicism and burnout prevalent in the legal profession. Sadly, after a long illness, Steve passed away on Friday, December 7, Read More

November 20, 2012

Client Empowerment 4: Great Expectations

I had breakfast this morning with a successful entrepreneur who recently sold his business. We spoke briefly about what life is like for him now that he never has to worry about money, what it was like building the business and his ideas for new business ventures.  Then, quite to my surprise, he asked me Read More

July 10, 2012

Managing Emotions 1: Why Emotions Matter In Legal Matters (Emotional Intelligence 101 for clients)

In my post Finding the Right Lawyer, I spoke about the need to find a lawyer who has the legal skills needed for your specific problem.  For example, if you have an immigration issue, don’t go to a real estate lawyer.  In this post, I am adding to the “find the right lawyer” mix, a Read More

July 2, 2012

New York Enterprise Report News Release – Arnie Herz Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

New York, NY June 14, 2012 – The New York Enterprise Report is proud to announce that ARNIE HERZ is the 2012 winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Best Attorneys for Privately Held Companies. “We are thrilled to recognize the extensive achievements and accomplishments of Arnie Herz,” said Robert Levin, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher Read More

June 25, 2012

Client Empowerment 3: Advice you need from your lawyer

In my last blog post, “Finding the Right Lawyer,” we focussed on making sure you get to a lawyer with the right skill set for your legal matter. In this post, we will focus on making sure you get the right advice. Recently, John, a client, came to visit me. He wants to invest $5,000 Read More

June 11, 2012

Attorney Client Relationship 1: Finding the Right Lawyer

Two years ago, I tore my labrum and rotator cuff during a basketball game. I know this sounds macho but the embarrassing fact is that I tripped while refereeing a game of 8 year olds.  Fortunately I was able to finish the game and only made two awful calls according to my son. The next Read More

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