EU Data Privacy Alert:What You Need to Know About Quickly Evolving E.U. Data Privacy Laws and Enforcement
Reuters Hedgeworld
October 2011

Is Mediation Your Best Option?
New York Enterprise Report
September 2011

BeyondBalance: How to Cultivate Work-Life Synergy In the Law
A Legal Sanity Learning Programs Eguide

How To Maintain A Positive State Of Mind In A Bad Economy
Arnie Herz and Gerry Riskin
June 2009 [Podcast]

Lawyers Are Scared Right Now
The Complete Lawyer
April 2009

Legal Sanity® for Clients
The Skillpreneur Show with Ed Abel
March 2009 [Podcast]

Master the Four Elements of a Coachee’s Success
The Complete Lawyer
March 2009

A New Spin on Rainmaking for Lawyers: Client Evangelists
The Complete Lawyer
February 2009

Global Lawyers Need Critical Relationship Building Skills
The Complete Lawyer
December 2008

Creating A Connection Culture In The Law
Summer 2008

The New Exit Strategy for Today’s Lawyers: Manage Your Own Career
The Complete Lawyer
July/August 2008 Issue

Relationships Are King
Touro Law Review

What’s On Your Mind?
The Complete Lawyer
May/June 2008

Cultivate Work-Life Synergy: A Guide For Women Lawyers
The Complete Lawyer
March/April 2008

For Associates, Relationship Building Skills Are Essential
The Complete Lawyer
October 2007

Critical Relationship Building Skills for Associates
The Complete Lawyer
Sept. 2007

Work/Life Monitor Podcast with host Judy Martin
July 2007 [Podcast]

Fearless Networking
Legal Marketing Association
January 2006

First Steps to an Uncluttered Mind
ABA GPSOLO Newsletter
Fall 2005

Meditation: Tool for a Clear Mind and Competitive Edge
ABA GPSOLO Newsletter
Spring 2005

To Sue or Not to Sue?
New York Enterprise Report
March/April 2005

Harnessing the Power of Mediation to Resolve Your Business Disputes
New York Real Estate Journal
Dec. 2005

Lawyers As Everyday Peacemakers: Reframing the Attorney-Client Relationship for Optimal Conflict Resolution in the 21st Century and Beyond
ICM Update
February 2004

When Your Case Must Be Litigated
October 2003

Optimizing the Attorney-Client Relationship to Achieve Outstanding Results
ICM Update
September 2003


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