question for lawyers: what are you selling?

Yes, I know. A lot of lawyers recoil at the thought of being salespeople. We develop business. We network. But, we don’t sell our legal services.

With the economy remaining tight and consumers becoming even more discerning, maybe the time has come to reconsider this hardline stance. Or, maybe it’s time to rephrase the question to make it a bit more palatable.

How about: What are your clients buying?

According to marketing expert John Jantsch; no matter what’s in the sales hopper (greeting cards, HVAC supplies or legal services), “at the end of the day, [people] buy some variation of the same five things.” They buy products and solutions that:

  • Make them more money
  • Save them more time
  • Allow them to avoid the frustration of doing stuff they don’t like
  • Help them save or not lose money today and in future
  • Help them feel better about themselves

Jantsch goes on to note that we can focus our energy on just one of these selling points or “come up with ways to mix and match” them. Of course, no matter how we decide to go, we need to have a solid sense of who our clients are and the problems they have that we can and want to help them solve with our legal services.

If you need some insight into the psyche of today’s consumers (a/k/a our clients), this article on recession-proof products offers some good food for thought (think chocolate and alcohol).


One Response to “question for lawyers: what are you selling?”
  1. Great points. While working as a legal business consultant, I’ve observed what you said about lawyers outright opposing doing anything to sell their services (“I went to school to be a lawyer, not a salesperson!”), but like for every service, lawyers need to demonstrate to potential clients why they they’re the right ones for the job.
    At the same time, I do think people are wary of lawyers who outright sell their services, since many already consider lawyers to be crooks, so marketing is different for lawyers than for other businesses. It’s important to always consider not just what marketing works for most companies, but also what marketing works for you and your target clientele.

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