The Holidays, Lawyers and Depression

During this time of holiday cheer and celebration, I am reminded by a number of Legal Sanity’s readers how the holiday season triggers an upsurge in depression, substance abuse and suicide. It’s important for each of us to be on the lookout for colleagues, clients, friends and family members who may be suffering and are at risk. I first posted here on this topic back in December 2004 and gave a program in 2008 for the New York State Bar, Lawyer... Read More

Did Legal Sanity Inspire the US Government Shutdown?

Yes, its true. No blog posts here at Legal Sanity in three months, since the eve of July 4 – Independence Day. The inability of my right brain and left brain to come to agreement on what and when to write caused the shutdown at Legal Sanity. Apparently, this lack of brainy cooperation spilled over to Congress and inspired this unfortunate shutdown. Putting my bad humor aside, the harsh reality is that absent a quick resolution, the damage to... Read More

Event Today! Rodino Ethics Lecture: Returning To Civility

Arnie Herz will be a panel speaker today at Returning to Civility at Seton Hall. The event is part of the Rodino Ethics Lecture Series. Arnie along with his esteemed colleagues will share their perspectives on sustaining and upholding the standards of excellence essential to the practice of law. Professor Paula Franzese will host and moderate the panel discussion. The registration cost for this event is $25. Click here for more details about the... Read More

Client Empowerment 4: Great Expectations

I had breakfast this morning with a successful entrepreneur who recently sold his business. We spoke briefly about what life is like for him now that he never has to worry about money, what it was like building the business and his ideas for new business ventures.  Then, quite to my surprise, he asked me “How long does it typically take for you in time and money to close a multi-million dollar deal?”  I was curious as to why he asked. He shared... Read More

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