“Arnie is a businessperson’s attorney; he helps you understand what you want to accomplish, then uses the law to facilitate your goal. It’s a method based on increased efficiency, not inflated fees. When anyone I know needs a lawyer, I recommend Arnie.”
Randy Shain, 
Vice-President, First Advantage Litigation Consulting

“Arnie helped position my company for sale at a price far greater than I would have otherwise attained. I rely on Arnie not just for legal support, but also for business advice. His balanced approach consistently produces better-than-expected results.”
Jay Katz, 
Owner, Cosmeticmall.com

“I needed advice on an unusual deal: how to buy a blog. Arnie immediately identified the key issues, and mapped out a strategy that yielded enduring positive results. I recommend Arnie without hesitation.”
Henry Abbott, ESPN Senior Writer, 
Founder of the TrueHoopblog and the TrueHoopBlog Network

“Arnie Herz has developed a way of practicing law
 that generates revolutionary results for clients.”
Steven Keeva,
What Client’s Want, ABA Journal, June 2001

“Arnie is a highly organized, strategic thinker and outstanding negotiator who always looks for a win-win outcome. As he navigates through landmines to get the deal done, he is both a tremendous asset and secret weapon for any organization.  Time and again, I recommend Arnie to my colleagues.”
Dan Holt, 
former President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

“Arnie brings an unusual combination of brilliance and common sense to each business problem he faces. It may seem paradoxical. It is not. Working with him is a true pleasure and breath of fresh air.”
Rakesh Bhargava, 
Director & Global Head, Academy for Chief Executives

“Arnie Herz negotiated my employment agreement and his perception, clarity, conviction and perseverance resulted in a breakthrough deal for me.”
Lynn Picard, 
former Vice-President, Lifetime Entertainment



“Arnie truly uses his perceptions about human nature to break down walls and barriers that separate the parties. He is a gifted mediator who listens to both sides and finds soltutions that work for everyone involved.”
Celeste Butera, Partner, 
Rivkin Radler LLP

“At the end of the first day, we reached an agreement that ended over two years of contentious litigation. Arnie Herz is a highly effective mediator.”
Gregory G. Harris, 
Esq., Harris, Balzer & Conway PLLC

“One of New York’s most gifted mediators, Arnie Herz is highly skilled at identifying the elements of dispute, guiding parties through impasses and focusing all involved on realistic goals that meet the parties’ present needs and future interests.”
Carl Horn, III, 
United States District Judge



“I’m a skeptic about conferences. I don’t get much out of presentations, but Arnie Herz was great.”
–Sean Mast, Director of Business Development, Design Edge

“Arnie brings passion and commitment  to what he does while proving to be engaging and thought – provoking”
–Scott MacInnes, Director of Design Operations, Teague

“Arnie Herz made clear the importance of teaching the next generation emotional intelligence”
–R. Chisolm, President, Dossier Creative, Inc.

“Great presentation, both from a personal and content aspect. Real-world take-aways that I can use. I will translate this into a teaching opportunity for my staff”
–Mark VanderKlipp, President, Corbin Design

“Wow! Arnie, I am extremely grateful for what you did for my team and for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better presenter… you left a strong impression on the team”
–Douglas C. Davidson, Bank of America

“Arnie was terrific. And more importantly, the students loved it and wished that it was even longer… We couldn’t have selected a more dynamic and energizing speaker.”
–Mark Weber, Assistant Dean for Career Services, Harvard Law School


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