Tribute to Steve Keeva

Steve Keeva was a pioneer in the transformative law movement. As the author of the ABA book, “Transforming Practices” and distinguished writer for the ABA Journal, Steve wrote extensively on how lawyers could avoid the cynicism and burnout prevalent in the legal profession.

Sadly, after a long illness, Steve passed away on Friday, December 7, 2012 leaving his wife and 2 children. Steve will be very missed. I referred to Steve and his work in my blog posts over the years, including, Lawyering Lessons From Oscar the Grouch, Lawyering Skills for the Conceptual Age, Using Passion as a Guide to Life in the Law, Time to Take Care, Apology and the Law, A New Spin on an Old Favorite (Palsgraff) and Legal Life Support. As I have gone back to reread these blog posts and the many articles he wrote, I was struck at how immense his impact has been on me in my career.

It was November 2000 when I decided to go solo. Shortly thereafter, I met Steve in New York for the first time. He ended up writing this ABA feature article on my approach to law. Steve’s article turbo-charged my legal and speaking career. A few years later, in February 2004, I co-presented a keynote program for the Rhode Island Bar Association with Steve. It was the last time I saw Steve. Shortly thereafter, he became ill.

In tribute to Steve Keeva, I ask that you take a moment to be grateful for your life and the many opportunities we have to make a positive difference in the world.

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