A Matter of Perspective“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”— President John F. Kennedy


Helping clients navigate through a wide range of legal issues, from the routine to the highly complex.

Arnie Herz helps clients manage the confusion and emotions that often inhibit optimal outcomes. His no-nonsense approach helps clients achieve their goals while minimizing disruption. Arnie does this by helping his clients see the problem through various perspectives, thereby allowing the client to gain a much clearer picture of goals, opportunities, and challenges. Thinking it through in a rigorous manner forces one to leave the comfort of one’s emotional and illusion-based opinion to truly grasp, manage, and master the hard realities.

Our Business

From everyday business legal needs to the most complex matters, business owners and individuals turn to Arnie Herz. Using his acclaimed Legal Sanity Principles developed and honed over the past 31 years, Arnie brings a process of lawyering and conflict resolution that consistently and efficiently generates exceptional, and often unexpected, results.

What Clients Are Saying


Arnie brings an unusual combination of brilliance and common sense to business problems. Working with him is a breath of fresh air.​

— Rakesh Bhargava, Director, Global Head, Academy for Chief Executives​

Award Winning

Arnie Herz has developed a way of practicing law that consistently generates revolutionary results for his clients.

— ABA Journal

Outstanding Experience!

As board counsel, Arnie has masterfully and successfully guided us through a maze of complex issues.

— Dan Holt, Board Chairman, ASA College